Welcome to my site! This is both exciting and terrifying. Exciting because I am doing what I have been led to do. Terrifying because I am sharing myself and that might not go well.

I find myself reluctant to write because I am reluctant to let out who I really am. I know there are very few, in fact probably just one person, my wife that knows who I really am, what I think, what are my concerns, my passions, my struggles. If you knew what I really think, what would you think of me?  Why do I care? Am I overly sensitive to criticism? Why do I think I would be criticized? I don’t want you to think I am odd; but then again I am. I want to be rare, different, and extraordinary. But there seems to be a desire in the world for all of us to be ordinary.  How do I, any of us overcome the world? Truth is I don’t know what the world thinks of me, or expects of me; I don’t know what you think of me; but it sure makes a good excuse.  Today I want to be brave.

As St. Paul expressed I can’t not do this, for I am compelled to do that for which He has called. I can fight it no longer, I must comply.