My new adventure

I am starting a new adventure. This is very much jumping off into the unknown. I think I have something to say. I feel compelled by my Father to say something. I know, I am quite sure that He wants you to know Him better. I am absolutely sure what He wants me to do is to introduce Him more as Father. I have some idea of how He wants to be portrayed.

But, how well am I hearing Him? How well am i interpreting? I don’t know. It’s not the kind of thing any of us can be sure of. I have read a lot. It is one of my favorite things to do. I have gained a lot of knowledge. I have read a very diverse set of literature. Of course the Bible, of course a good deal of theology. A lot about meditation. Does it beget wisdom? I am not positive, but I think so.

I get the impression that the Holy Spirit comes upon all of us, then it searches through all you have read, all you have experienced, all the people and words you have bumped into and then somehow turns it into something that I certainly never expected. It becomes “wow, I said that!”

What I have found is that sometimes the Spirit can’t find what it is looking for in me. I don’t have the right stuff, the knowledge, the facts, the stories and nothing of note comes out. I wonder does it then move on to someone else who has the right ingredients; the knowledge, the wisdom and the courage to speak up and out. I think it takes all three of those ingredients. In todays world it is easy to speak out. Even complete fools can do so, but it still takes courage. There are a lot of people who have knowledge, but no wisdom, and no courage. I am trying to exhibit all three. I can take responsibility for gaining knowledge, I work at it. Wisdom and courage seem more like gifts, so let me be worthy of Wisdom’s attention, and try to be courageous.

Does that make sense? Is that how it works for you?

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