A spiritual exercise – a story

I am in the process of writing a story. I thought I would share that process because I think it is a great spiritual exercise for anyone. It is a takeoff on the expression, “What would Jesus do?”.

In my version two people are newly arrived directly from heaven. They are not angels, they come fully in the body; so they are fully human. But also newly arrived from heaven, remembering who they are and where they came from. So fully divine also, just as their brother Jesus was/is. Now this starts raising all sorts of questions that I and then you can think through. But we have to stick within certain conditions. There are two, male and female. One of the things that privately bugs me about Jesus is that He didn’t give a personal example of how to be a married couple. If Jesus had had a wife, what would she be like? Talk about a power couple! Jesus is often tied to Adam, and yet Adam had a wife, but not just a wife, a mate, one mate specifically made for him. Actually they were made for each other. So how do they interact? With great love obviously, but what does that look like as fully human persons?

So I am going to write out a small scene, walking through Rome, how does it go with two people who are made for each other? If they come from heaven as adults, what age? If in heaven they do not have bodies, what was their relationship like? Obviously it could not have been sexual, now they have bodies for the first time, they have hormones, and they look gorgeous. How do other people react to these two people who are gorgeous and in some ways unaware. They are new to bodies, new to the earth, they have seen it, studied it, heard about it, been given lessons; but it is all new. Do they know what love is? Do they know they were made for each other? And yes they are  made for each other. This is a love story. And we might think that they look at no others, they are beautiful, but beauty comes in many packages and beauty can be both seen and unseen. Imagine, they walk into a casino in Monte Carlo, like in the Bond movies, everyone could assume they are stars and both women and men might start thinking, “Oh I want that one!”.  How does everyone in that scene react? How naive are Adam and Eve? Can they be swayed, enticed? Is this a prodigal son story where they fall first? No, I don’t want a love story to go there. But perhaps you would, write it out.

Names, they need names. Any suggestions?  A new Adam and a new Eve, but is that too obvious? I like Miriam for the woman, but for the man, Joseph? Joshua? Ralph? I like Daniel, but that’s my name and seems a bit pretentious.  On the other hand should we give these people our own names? The point of a spiritual exercise is really not “What would Jesus do?”, it is to put ourselves in the scene and ask what would I do? Or perhaps to reprogram my own thinking and come to the conclusion this is what I would like to do in that situation.

Got it? I have already given one scenario. They walk in the casino at Monte Carlo. They look magnificent, long evening dress, immaculate tuxedo. Everybody looks, does anyone see them for what they really are? Remember some did recognize Jesus. How did they get there? Where did the money come from? Do they have unlimited resources from their Father? What challenges do they face? Overcome?

In heaven do they have challenges? Are they faced with being brave, courageous, hopeful while in heaven? If someone is rude, or even physically challenging, threatening them with rape, robbery, murder; what do they do? That doesn’t happen in heaven.

If they have “remembrance of all things”, if they are children of God, what can they do or not do? Can they download max martial art skills like in the Matrix, or do they simply have super powers and call down lightning? Do bullets bounce off them? Is that too unlike us? I can’t call down lightning so is it any longer an exercise in what I want to be like? Or am I underestimating the spiritual powers that I as human can have. Did Jesus, heal the sick, make the lame to walk, raise the dead? Did He say all that I have done ye can do also? Did He mean that literally or metaphorically?

So you see there is a lot to play with here.  What story would you make up?

Take any situation from every day life, write it out. Two people newly arrived form heaven, how do they act? Fully human, fully divine?

Oh, another scene:

They are in Rome, walking down  a street, and get confronted by a gang of Islamic youths. Often these days in Europe, this does happen. Unfortunately it sometimes does not end well. The man gets beaten , the woman raped, the authorities ignore it all. What would happen to Adam and Eve? How would they deal with the situation? What would be the will of their Father?

Let me know what you think would happen?

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