What is the Truth?

People seem to think  Truth is flexible, what is truth for you might not be truth for me. Some people think knowing the difference between truth and lies is difficult. Let me clear a few things up.

First logic dictates that if Truth is flexible then there is no truth. That means your Truth is worthless because it can’t be true. The only way that something can be true is if in fact some things actually are true and some things are actually false.  You can’t say that I am wrong, without declaring somethings are wrong and somethings are right, so you just said truth is definite, non-flexible. Unless you mean everything you say is true, but everything someone else says is maybe true and maybe false.

Next how do you tell truth from lies, right form wrong, good from evil? How do you know “fake news” from real news?

It’s tough, but here are some clues. Let’s start with something from Deuteronomy 30:15 “See, I have set before you this day life and good, death and evil.” “So choose life.”

So right there life is good, death is evil. Is what you are reading, choosing, espousing; celebrate life or death? So there’s one.

Two; does the idea, the news, choose freedom over slavery? Does it offer free will? Or does it shut down free will; does everyone needs to think the same, act the same, be the same?

Third, is it selfish, do you come first; or do others come first?

Fourth, who is in control? Does the news, the idea, the theology; put you in control, or put someone else in control? Are you helpless and everyone else is in control of your thoughts, your feelings, your actions? Or do you have free will and you get to choose? This includes God. If God is in control, then you have no free will, if you have no free will, then you aren’t. You as you does not exist, you are just a puppet. It violates the first principle, you choose life or death, good or evil. Then choose God. But you do the choosing.

Fifth, is there faith that in the end it will all work out? It’s why we choose life. It’s why we choose freedom, it’s why we chose others come first, it’s why we chose to follow. Because our faith demands that we be an optimist.

Sixth; notice there is nothing so far about emotions,nothing about whether or not you hurt someone’s feelings; and there never will be.

Do the right thing and the emotions will work out just fine. There is a saying that truth hurts. Sometimes. Truth also brings life. If you know the truth it brings freedom.

The only person that is in charge, in control of your feelings is you! Why would you give up control of that and think that someone else is in charge of your emotions? Oh, it’s tough, but again the truth is tough. And if you don’t want to hear the truth,you are in deep trouble. As you know “Happiness is the truth.” People want to steal that from you and make you as miserable as they are. Don’t let it happen. As Pharrel said,

“Here come bad news saying this and that
Yeah, give me all you got, don’t hold back
Yeah, I should probably warn you I’ll be just fine
Yeah, no offense to you, don’t waste your time
Because I’m happy!”

Seventh, the truth doesn’t hide things.

Take any of your ideas, news, theology and stack it up against these principles and see how they come out.

Let me know and maybe I can help you figure it out.

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