Morning Insight 12/29/20

Last night I received an insight.

The song “Mary Did You Know”

Did Mary know before she said yes what was going to happen?
Did she know how much her life would change?
Did she know how much the world would change?

Exercise: How do you prepare for a big change? The exploding of the light within?

By saying “yes” to all the little things, the little promptings.
But you do have to discern between promptings of the Holy Spirit vs. promptings from other places. For example saying “no” to the promptings that come from lust, greed, gluttony, selfishness, laziness, wrath, vain glory (glory that is in vain, it will not bring glory).

Instead be prompted by wisdom, justice, courage, truth, in faith, hope, and charity.

Say “yes”. Get used to it. Get prepared for saying the big “yes” for the Christ child wants to be born unto you!


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