Morning insight 01/05/2021

It’s 5am and I am praying for America. I am praying for the world.

Lord I ask you to save our country, save the world. “Does that mean I should save you?” Uh, I really didn’t want to focus on me. But my neighbor needs to be changed. I want others to stand up for truth and justice. “Didn’t I say something about before you ask for the sliver to be taken out of your brother’s eye, take the beam out of your own eye?”  Well, yes, but that isn’t exactly the case here. It’s more like remove the beam from my brother’s … well they aren’t exactly my brothers or sisters, they don’t think like me, they don’t love your word like I do, they are evil … they have a beam, not just a beam, remove the entire evil from them and my sins in comparison are like small microscopic slivers. “So, I should ignore your microscopic faults? I can’t do that. That is not how I am. I am more an all or nothing kind of guy. What if I said, the only way I can save America, save the world is to save you?”  Well, I’ve already been saved. “I thought you just said you sinned.”  Well, aren’t we all sinners? “If I recall correctly and I usually do, my Son, did not say ‘I forgive your sins, go forth tomorrow and sin some more because I will forgive those too.’  He did not say go forth tomorrow and sin less. I recall Him saying ‘Your sins are forgiven, go forth and sin nor more.’ I sent John to start the process by asking the world to repent. So I ask you … Will you repent? Will you admit to your microscopic sins? Will you go forth and sin no more?

You say you want to be more like Jesus. Which Jesus? The one who sat in the Garden of Gethsemane and sweated blood because the fate of the world was in His hands. You want to be like that Jesus? So, this day I put before you … good and evil, life or death. Choose thou! The fate of the world is in your hands what will you do? Will you repent and sin no more? Will you choose to die to sin and be resurrected? Will you choose to love the world as I do? Will you let go of those admittedly microscopic sins for the sake of the world as He did? If they are so small why not?”

I don’t know that I can stop sinning Lord. I will try.

“Do we ask of you things, you can not do? ‘Just do it’ ‘no try, just do’. Do we think you can sin nor more? Do we hope, do we pray, or is it that we who know all things also know that you can sin no more? We made you that way. Repent, ask for forgiveness, and go forth and you sin no more.”

As always, my Lord, my God you are right. I repent. I have sinned in what I have done and what I have failed to do. I ask in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, with all the angels and Saints to pray for me. I beg forgiveness. I will sin no more.

I think that there is nothing greater than this that all of America can do. We all need to repent and turn back to God. We all must be willing to be changed before we can expect God to save the world. We must act as if the fate of the world depended on us. What is it we are asked repeatedly to do? First repent. Admit we have sinned. Beg forgiveness. Love our neighbors as ourselves, make a sacrifice of self. Sin no more. Let us start there. Do what we need to do and then God will save the world. Just as He can not save the world without saving us, just so He can not save us without saving the world. I ask you to join me. Repent, ask for forgiveness, sin no more.

Daniel 1/5/2021

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