Afternoon insight 02/01/2021

Been feeling under the weather. Interesting expression. Nose running a little, feeling a little dizzy. And not getting enough sleep. Last night the sleep portion came to a head. Slept maybe 3 hours. Meditations have felt dry. Where are you Lord? Dreams of driverless buses.

Wife comes home in the afternoon puts a castor oil back on me (more about that some other time) with heat pack, then some Nyquil and I sleep like a baby.

When is it time to get up? I am feeling recharged and I feel His presence. Is there a connection? Are we like batteries? When the charge in the battery runs down we lose our connection? Is that why we (at least I do) get grumpy?

It certainly is not the whole thing. Getting a good nights sleep isn’t by itself going to make me holy. But it sure does seem to help.

I am going to explore this idea of being a battery. If I am charged up am I closer to God. Of course how does one get charged up besides sleep? Prayer. Meditation. Seeing the Holy Spirit in it’s movement around me. Seeing the hands of Christ at work and the wonders of the Father in all His creation.

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