Dream insight 02/08/2021

Saturday night I had a dream or vision there would be an apocalypse. Not sure if it is just personal for me or nationwide or worldwide. Not really hard to predict at this point though.

The interesting part is the cure. I have been reading St. Gregory of Nyssa. A section about the beatitudes. “The clean of heart shall see God”. Gregory says that the God you will see is in the “Image of God” in which you were created. And the only way you can see this reality of yourself is when your heart is clean. You can’t see it because of the junk, the dirt, the lies, the compromises that cover it up. But it is there. Clean things up and you will see it. Don’t let other people throw their own junk, lies, propaganda on top of your “Image of God”.

And that was the fix for the apocalypse not destroying me. Destruction sounds very unpleasant so i am going to take this seriously and clean up my life. How clean does it need to be? Jesus said “Be ye perfect, as you Father in heaven is perfect.” He wouldn’t have said it, if it is not possible. Be the “Image of God”, see the “Image of God” in others.

This morning around 4am. Had another insight. Love is how we see perfection.

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