Morning insights

The other day i suggested if you have real faith in just about anything it would have a tendency to become real, for values of real; and then asked why have faith in God?

The answer comes from another question I have been asking myself, “who am I?”. Somewhere in the quiet moments of meditation around 3am (my favorite time) a thought came to me. Am i asking the wrong question? Perhaps I should be asking “Who is God?”. For if there is a God, then I am His creation. And what model or prototype did God have for making me but Himself? Indeed Genesis says we are made in His image. My essence, my core, who I am starts with who He is.

But who I am today is perhaps different, I have made a few modifications along the way. Unfortunately I don’t think any of the changes I have made have helped any, in fact have often led me astray and caused myself and others great heart ache. Can I hit the “restore to factory specifications” button? Is that what forgiveness is? Has not God over and over said he will forgive us, if we ask with repentance and sincerity? Okay, so I am forgiven for what I did? What about; what I am going to do because so many of my old habits have a hold on me?

Have faith, believe in that factory reset button! Have faith in the image, the essence of God that is you. In a way it means believe in yourself, but I have never found that to be truly helpful. But I can believe in who made me, how I was made, and what I am made from. Something beautiful, creative, active, expansive, glorious, loving, kind, thoughtful. That’s where I came froma nd that is worth believing in.

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