Truth vs lies

How do you know the truth when you hear it? It brings you peace.

In my previous post, I suggested starting your day with one true sentence. A suggestion from Ernest Hemingway. So I wondered what would happen if you did (if I did) the opposite. And i looked back upon a crappy day, an agitated day where I felt lost and realized i had told myself lies all day long. I wasn’t loved, nothing was going right, life sucks, where is God? I am sure you can think of many others. We all do. And feel the agitation, the anxiety, sometime the fear and anger build. That’s how you tell a lie. You have no inner peace. The inner temple is cluttered with garbage. Stupid thoughts, maybe stupid people, guilt from doing stupid things. Can you still hear the truth through all that? Yes, but Jesus may have to come along and clean out the temple.

Jesus said, “I am the truth!” Live the truth, start with a true sentence, build a true paragraph; let those truth clean you out. Drive out the lies, focus on just what you know to be true. Know is true. Not think might be true. Know. Notice it brings with it peace. And the lies, the agitation, the energy wants you back, you have made a habit of telling yourself lies each morning. “You aren’t loved, you aren’t forgiven, you don’t deserve to be happy.” Bull! Liar! You ARE forgiven, you are loved by God, you can be happy. Find a truth. “The sun will come up tomorrow!” Start from there and hang on.

This does not mean you can’t be active and do big things, but you can do them from a place of inner peace. Let’s look at the difference between Martin Luther King and BLM. MLK had been to the mountain top. He had inner peace and he protested and for a while changed the world. Non violent protests. Peacefully protested. Changed the world.

BLM, burn it all down. Built on lie after lie. You can say the speak truth to power, but let’s look at the fruits. What does it bring? Anger, agitation, inner confusion, greed, desire to burn it all. More tension. That is how you know it is all lies. Not by the words, because words can sound sweet, the best lies are filled with some truth and sound sweet to the ears, so instead look at the heart, the inner temple, see the inner agitation and anger it brings. And that anger fights against the hearing things that do not bring more anger and agitation. that energy wants to keep building and shuts down the truth. Censors opposing voices, covers the ears so it will not hear the one who shouts, “I am the Way, I am the Truth, I am Life, come follow me and I will set you free.”

Hear the truth, not opinions, the truth. One true sentence. Start from there. It will set you free.

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