Spiritual Experiment

We read “the soul body is…. too wonderful to describe….it must be experienced to be known.”  How wonderful that sounds!  The soul body is too wonderful to describe!  I want that….I want to know my soul body…..How do I do that?  We were given the answer:

We read  “we become aware of or soul through commonplace, everyday observances of spiritual laws within our understanding, by putting into daily application the laws of love and service to others.  As we give our selves, our love, our patience, and our kindness, however hard it may be, to help others, we learn His Way and my depend upon His help to sustain us….let the beauty of His life guide us.”


       For this week, focus on giving our self, our love, our patience, and our kindness, and letting His life guide us.  Then notice at the end of each day…did you get a glimpse of your soul body?  Notice if by applying those things,  you felt a closer connection to the Creator,  to your soul, and to your real self.  Was it wonderful?

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