Ideas of the resurrection

Does each of us, more specifically; do I need to suffer, be crucified, die, get buried and then be resurrected? Didn’t someone already do that for us?

As a Christian we are all told to pick up or cross. Some people would say we must emulate Jesus, we must suffer, we must die into ourselves, our egos must vanish so we can be reborn.

As usual I have a different take on that. Let’s look at an abbreviated story of Jesus. He is the Son of God, he suffers, he is not understood, crucified and buried, then after all that on Easter morning he’s alive! Does that tell the story of all of us? Are we made in the image of God?

St. Teresa of Avila says in the center of your soul, God resides. John van Ruesbrok another great mystic says basically though we are not God, there is within us something that sure feels like it. The Christ comes and says, “All that I did you can do also”, “Be ye perfect, even as your Father in heaven is perfect”.  St. Paul says we are children of God, perhaps only by adoption, but we are heirs of the kingdom.

So there is within us something good. Something godly. Do you see it? Or does that goodness get kicked aside? Is it insulted? Called impractical? Does it suffer? Does it get pushed down? Beaten, is it scarred, is the flesh torn? Is the good within you tortured, dismissed, laughed at, mocked? Does it try to rise up, get back on its’ feet, does miracles right in front of your eyes, only to have someone deny three times it all happened. Your friends abandon you when it is crunch time? You do the right thing only to get beaten down again? Sounds a lot like the story of Jesus.

Has the world and it’s powers and principalities tried to kill off all the goodness of the world? Has it tried to kill the Truth? If you speak Truth will you be crucified? Will you be left for dead and be buried?

And after all that “He’s alive”!  The good, the Godness, the image of God built within me arises and as I put my whole faith in that resurrection, that example, that One that lead the way and realize they can not kill me, that Christ within does not need to hide, to quiver in the darkness. Like Lazarus called back from the grave I am alive. Here I am Lord, what would you have me do?

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