On Sunday we studied more on the topic “Knowledge”. The memorable lines were; True knowledge is to know God is, then to experience God. If you experience God, someday you might have knowledge enough to be a guide to someone else.

When it was time to build an experiment for this week, I wanted to build it out of the experience Marjorie had with last weeks’ experiment about using the knowledge of the spiritual centers with creative powers. She described her meditation experience she put together from the book Meditation Prayer & Affirmations. It has questions asked of Edgar Cayce and his answers.

Reading 1861-4
Question: How may I being into activity my pineal and pituitary glands as well as the Kundalini and other chakras, that I may attain higher mental and spiritual powers? Are there exercises for this purpose, and if there are, please give them.
Answer: As indicated, first so fill the mind with the ideal that it may vibrate throughout the whole of the mental being!  Then close the desires of the fleshly self to conditions about same. Meditate upon, “Thy will with me”  Feel same. Fill all the centers of the body from the lowest to the highest with that ideal; opening the centers by surrounding self first with that consciousness, “Not my will, but Thine O Lord be done in me and through me.”
And then, have that desire that purpose, not of attaining without His direction, but with His direction – who is the Maker, the Giver of live and light, as it is indeed in Him that we live move and have our being.

So Marjorie did this and it was both humbling and powerful.  It hit me that this was a revelation.

Let me point out some key points. “It must vibrate throughout the whole of the mental being.”  It’s gotta grab you, energize you, fill all the centers of your being. Except it wasn’t doing that for me. So last night I had a dream. It was about slaves, bounty hunters chasing them down and returning them to slavery, abolitionists trying to free them from slavery. It was quite exciting. I woke up and did my 3am in the morning meditation. “Freedom!” “Throw off the chains of slavery!” “I will no longer be a slave to sin!” “Freedom”. I could see my whole mental being energized by these thoughts. I wanted to be free. To be the image of God as I was created to be and free myself from the slavery of sin, mental oppression of others, the lowered expectations of the world. I wanted to be free of others’ will and domination, free to do His will as he intended. Not their will, not my will; but Thy will be done!  

But notice I had to find a different theme or expression to really get my energy into it. For me the image of breaking free from slavery works. St. Paul uses this same theme, that we are slaves to sin. I want to be free to be what God intended, His will be done.

And it came through a dream!

Experiment: Watch to see what fires you up. What thoughts, imagery, dreams, story to put around the big ideal of “Not my will, but thine” do you need to use to energize your whole being! Get into it.  Then, “Fill all the centers of the body from the lowest to the highest with that ideal; opening the centers by surrounding self first with that consciousness..”

Don’t over think the energy, don’t try to direct it or micro-manage the energy. In general from the bottom to the top. Breathe in and up, then out and down. In Secret of the Golden Flower  and Herb Puryear and Hugh Lynn Cayce’s warnings the light must be circulated. Breathe in and up and then out and down spreading the light and thus the spiritualized blood and hormones throughout the cells of the body. Regenerating every cell of the body. The pituitary sends out the master hormones that control every function of the body. When they are spiritualized, energized do not hold them in one place. Send them out to the whole body for healing, health, wisdom, and love. In and up, out and down. Peace be with you and His will be done.

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