you aren’t free, but you could be

There is a scene in a movie with Jesus and Mary Magdalen. She tells Jesus she is free because she is not tied to any man. She is not a piece of property; she is her own woman. A claim many people would make today. But, Jesus answers her, “You aren’t free, but you could be.”

I talked some the other day about freedom and I want to explore that a little more today.  Freedom from what? Freedom from limitations. Freedom from the monster, the Frankenstein we have created. Sure, there are things our parents said, our siblings said, kids in high school taunted us with; but ultimately it was me that let those creative words in and let it build me. What about the heroes I had, the bad examples I decided to take after? The hurts I both gave and received that left either guilt or shame floating around within me? The dreams I had, the dreams I gave up? What have I and the powers and principalities of this earth created?

The built in biases we have that shape how we interpret the events and people around us? Is the universe biased towards good?

By the way, yes it is. The universe is not always balanced perfectly between two opposites. For example the universe is not balanced between matter and anti-matter, else they would come together and nullify existence. The universe is wildly unbalanced towards matter. It is also wildly unbalanced towards good, towards Love. The universe is not static, it is constantly being created, expanded. And as it does it of course creates new space-time, right? New space that never before existed and since space-time is one thing creating new time as well. It’s what gives us time for free will, because now I can choose this, …. but now is a new time that that never before existed and I can choose something else.  See Minority Report.

Back to our discussion of freedom from biases … Is the glass half empty or half full? Is that person more likely to do something good or something bad? Is life basically going to be happy, especially if I get out of the way or does it basically suck and going to go on sucking?

Freedom! Break the chains of all that is holding us back! How do I do that? It’s simple really. Do what we have been told by every real prophet. As the fore-runner John the Baptist and the Book of Revelation gives to us.

Turn, head back to God. Return to your first love and “they who overcome will be given to eat of the tree of life”.
Have an ideal and hold to it. Something that carries the idea of “Not my will but thine” but with wording that energizes you. For me that is the idea of freedom. Freedom to be the image of God I was made in. Free to give up limitations that I created. If you hadn’t noticed I could go on and on about freedom because the concept of freedom energizes me.
Do not compromise on your ideal. It’s like saying, “I believe in the sanctity of life and it is okay to murder unwanted babies”. That’s a compromise for self-convenience.
Don’t prostitute yourself. Don’t sell out your ideals, your image of God within you and within others for profit, for getting ahead. Have faith that the Lord will provide.
Be strong inwardly. Exercise your right to free will, have a strong will, believe in yourself, because you are made in God’s image. Feel that the mind of Christ can be, will be, is; in you.
And lastly bow down, be a servant for God. Not mine, but thine. It’s all for you. Be passionate about God. Not lukewarm.

It will set you free. Let it all go. Be remade, be forgiven and go forth to sin “no more”. Let go of sickness, hurts both mental and physical. Be healed in mind, body, and spirit. Let it all go, let it all die on the vine and be resurrected, be brought back to Life!

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