beware the science, you can’t trust it

Follow the Science! Please don’t!

I suppose I could post this under the heading “Beware of false prophets”!

Did you know there is a replicability crises in science?

To quote: Drug companies sounded an alarm several years ago. They were concerned that an increasing proportion of clinical trials were failing, and that much of their research effort was being wasted. When they looked into the reasons for their lack for success, they realized that they were basing projects on scientific papers published in peer-reviewed journals, on the assumption that most of the results were reliable. But when they looked more closely, they found that most of these papers, even those in top-tier academic journals, were not reproducible. In 2011, German researchers in the drug company Bayer found in an extensive survey that more than 75% of the published findings could not be validated.

Did you get that? 75% of the published findings could not be replicated. If you know the Scientific method, you know what they are doing can’t be science.

And it gets worse.

To quote: Others have found similar results, and Mol’s best guess is that about 20% of trials are false. Very few of these papers are retracted.

We have long known that peer review is ineffective at detecting fraud, especially if the reviewers start, as most have until now, by assuming that the research is honestly reported. I remember being part of a panel in the 1990s investigating one of Britain’s most outrageous cases of fraud, when the statistical reviewer of the study told us that he had found multiple problems with the study and only hoped that it was better done than it was reported. We asked if had ever considered that the study might be fraudulent, and he told us that he hadn’t.

You understand what they are saying. 20% of the scientific trials NEVER happened! They were completely made up.

The rush to re-mask people who are vaccinated is based on a study from India that did NOT pass peer review and if it was even real, compared a vaccine that isn’t even used in the United States. So how can it in anyway be relevant to what’s going on here?

“Science” has become a propaganda word. It is not about what people have researched and found true. They might have done no research at all, just faked the whole thing.

Is it surprising to find the drug companies that built the vaccines are recording record profits? It would seem a genius business plan these days would be to create new viruses, let them lose into the general population, then create a vaccine for it. You’re gonna make billions every time. Did you know there are effective therapeutics that kill Covid viruses within 48 hours? Ivermectin does that. The problem with Ivermectin is that it has been available for so long it is now a generic. Costs pennies. Just like hydroxychloroquine, it only costs pennies. How can you make billions with that?

Turns out there are quite a few therapeutics that will relieve your symptoms from Covid. But you wouldn’t know it from the media or the CDC or Dr. Fauci. Wonder why? Maybe it wasn’t about the disease? Maybe it was about using a health emergency to wave away the Constitutional rights? To use emergency powers to change election laws? Maybe to create panic and ruin an economy?

Oh, I can’t trust Ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine because they haven’t had double blind scientific trials? But you trust masks? Where is the science on masks? Oh, the double blind studies on that don’t matter, it’s just common sense. Right? Did it ever occur that was just a training exercise to get you used to following orders?  Because there certainly is no science behind it.

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