The Stories

  • I want to be free
    Last night I had a dream about slavery. There were slaves, bounty hunters trying to grab the slaves and return them to slavery, abolitionists trying to free the slaves and help them escape the bounty hunters. It was quite exciting. I woke up and meditated. St. Paul said we are slaves to sin. We might
  • Knowledge
    On Sunday we studied more on the topic “Knowledge”. The memorable lines were; True knowledge is to know God is, then to experience God. If you experience God, someday you might have knowledge enough to be a guide to someone else. When it was time to build an experiment for this week, I wanted to
  • Ideas of the resurrection
    Does each of us, more specifically; do I need to suffer, be crucified, die, get buried and then be resurrected? Didn’t someone already do that for us? As a Christian we are all told to pick up or cross. Some people would say we must emulate Jesus, we must suffer, we must die into ourselves,

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