The Stories

  • Humans are arrogant
    Humans are arrogant, but you already know that. Why do we assume we are so special, that we are completely different than anything else in the universe? Why do we assume we were created fully formed, fully adult, fully intelligent, wise, perfect from the moment of creation? Why? The universe itself is somewhere around 14
  • Diary of the Prodigal Son
    Day 1Dear Diary,You know I am not exactly sure who I am writing to. I think I want to talk with God, but are you listening? Why would you listen to me? Does it matter? Am I writing to myself? From my lower self to my higher self, to my guardian angel? Does it matter
  • Judge not …
    When you take just part of a sentence from the Bible, you almost always miss the point. The message was “Judge not lest ye be judged likewise”. If you don’t understand that one, Jesus followed up in the very next sentence, “Why try to pull a speck from your neighbors eye when you have a

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