The Stories

  • Mary vs Eve
    As I lay in the arms of my wife this morning I thought how filled with joy and love I am. I wondered what Adam and Eve would have been thinking after they made love. They are in Paradise. God is fully present with them. They would be happy, fulfilled. How is it possible Eve
  • Morning insights
    The other day i suggested if you have real faith in just about anything it would have a tendency to become real, for values of real; and then asked why have faith in God? The answer comes from another question I have been asking myself, “who am I?”. Somewhere in the quiet moments of meditation
  • Morning musings
    Does it matter what you have faith in? Will anything you believe in firmly enough tend to become real? For example “not all boys have penises”. I guess it depends on what you mean by real. I would say obviously in some meanings of the word real this is never becomes real. But also obviously

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