Weekly Spiritual Exercises


Week 1

Mary vs Eve

As I lay in the arms of my wife this morning I thought how filled with joy and love I am. I wondered what Adam and Eve would have been thinking after they made love. They are in Paradise. God is fully present with them. They would be happy, fulfilled. How is it possible Eve

Morning insights

The other day i suggested if you have real faith in just about anything it would have a tendency to become real, for values of real; and then asked why have faith in God? The answer comes from another question I have been asking myself, “who am I?”. Somewhere in the quiet moments of meditation

Morning musings

Does it matter what you have faith in? Will anything you believe in firmly enough tend to become real? For example “not all boys have penises”. I guess it depends on what you mean by real. I would say obviously in some meanings of the word real this is never becomes real. But also obviously

Dream insight 02/08/2021

Saturday night I had a dream or vision there would be an apocalypse. Not sure if it is just personal for me or nationwide or worldwide. Not really hard to predict at this point though. The interesting part is the cure. I have been reading St. Gregory of Nyssa. A section about the beatitudes. “The

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Afternoon insight 02/01/2021

Been feeling under the weather. Interesting expression. Nose running a little, feeling a little dizzy. And not getting enough sleep. Last night the sleep portion came to a head. Slept maybe 3 hours. Meditations have felt dry. Where are you Lord? Dreams of driverless buses. Wife comes home in the afternoon puts a castor oil

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morning insight 01/17/2021

Our Bill of Rights is quickly becoming a Bill of Privileges. What is the difference between a “right” and a “privilege”? Privileges are granted to you by someone else and therefore can be taken away when that authority deems you no longer fit to exercise that privilege. Such as your right to freely speak becomes

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Morning insight 01/16/2021

Some thoughts.  I have this idea that everyone is searching for God. We must because that is how we are made. It is like a thirst that can not be quenched unless you drink from the proper well. Sort of like Lays’ potato chips, “you can’t eat just one”. They are specifically designed so that

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Morning insight 01/06/2021

It’s the morning after. I am wondering how much the attitude that God is in control has hurt America. Contrast that idea with the idea that “all it take for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing.” If we as a nation as Christians expect God to ride in on a white

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Morning insight 01/05/2021

It’s 5am and I am praying for America. I am praying for the world. Lord I ask you to save our country, save the world. “Does that mean I should save you?” Uh, I really didn’t want to focus on me. But my neighbor needs to be changed. I want others to stand up for

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Morning insight 12/31/20

I have an uncanny ability to know when something is wrong. I also have the uncanny ability to not explain myself very well. I tend to blurt out “that’s wrong”. Then I have to backtrack and try to explain what I meant. Usually I mean something like, “You’re right, but there has to be more

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